Two hunters stand atop a mountain ridge, overlooking a vast sea of clouds nestling in the valley below as the golden light of dawn bathes the rugged landscape.
A person enjoying the lush view of hills and greenery through a pair of binoculars on a beautiful day.
Two hunters in camouflage gear walking through a green and misty field at dawn, carrying their rifles and hunting equipment.
The hunter's feet rest on the edge of a mountain, with a breathtaking view of the valley and distant peaks under a vast sky.
A solitary figure walking through a golden wheat field under a dramatic sky, capturing a moment of tranquillity and connection with nature.
A serene twilight descends over a mountainous landscape, where a blanket of clouds nestles in the valleys and the fading sunlight embraces the snow-capped peaks in the distance.
Sunlight bathes the rugged landscape, casting golden hues over the hills and valleys, while the morning mist clings to the distant mountains.

Hunting trips in France
Stalking in open country in the Pyrenees and south-west France

Julien, a professional hunting guide, and his team have been organising your hunting trips in France for over 25 years.

From the Gascony countryside to the Pyrenees mountains, we invite you to experience the pleasure of an instinctive and ethical hunt that will leave you with wonderful memories.

The hunting holidays we offer

A majestic stag with impressive antlers stands in the middle of a forest, bellowing open-mouthed, surrounded by ferns and trees in a natural woodland setting.

Red stag stalking

In the heart of the Pyrenees, the roaring of the stag echoes through the mountains, giving rise to one of nature's most beautiful spectacles!

Un chevreuil aux bois de velours se dresse dans un champ verdoyant, avec un fond flou de douces collines. La lumière illumine le cerf, mettant en valeur son accueil alerte et sa texture de fourrure détaillée.

Roebuck summer hunting

Stalking roebuck on open land in the Gers and Pyrénées-Atlantiques regions

Accueil : Trois chevreuils courant à travers un champ couvert de givre sur fond de forêt dans la lumière du petit matin.

Roedeer winter hunting

This end-of-season hunt will allow you to discover the hilly landscapes of Gers at a truly affordable budget.

A chamois standing gracefully on a snow-covered hill with a welcome backdrop of winter trees.

Pyrenean chamois hunting

A genuine and physically demanding hunt, reminiscent of the iconic mountain game!

A majestic mouflon standing in a grassy area with its distinct spiral horns in full view, offering a welcome sight.

Mouflon hunting in mountain

Mouflon stalking is one of the most difficult and interesting hunts there is, due to the distrust of these animals.

Un randonneur avec un sac à dos et une canne regarde vers le bas tout en parcourant un sentier rocheux dans un paysage montagneux, entouré d'une végétation luxuriante sous un ciel clair et ensoleillé sur le chemin du retour.

Big game driven hunting

Sud Chasse offers a full range of friendly weekends of driven big game hunting in the Pyrenees.