Our agency, based in the South West of France, offers you to discover our country through complete hunting trip at the approach on roebuck, stag, pyrenean chamois or sheep. I set up a rigorous organisation in which the practice of hunt is matched with accommodations specially prepared to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Referenced to the ACP ( Association des Chasseurs Professionnels), hunting guide since 1999, I put at your disposal my naturalistic knowledge and my hunting experience by offering you the possibility to hunt on a lot of open and exclusive territories that I manage for many seasons...

From the Gascon countryside to the Pyrenean mountains, you will find the measure of a real hunt and take with you beautiful memories, beyond the trophies you can collect... Sud Chasse remains a singular concept of freedom and leisure , where the human and authentic side will be an asset for the success of your stay. Sharing, encounters and hunting joys will be the ingredients of a beautiful experience!

See you soon on our territories,