Two deer on alert during a hunting trip in the Pyrenees, one looking towards the camera and the other looking into the distance.
A herd of deer in a frost-covered field at dawn, alert and looking around curiously, encapsulates the serene beauty typical of hunting trips in the Pyrenees.

Practical info

- Chasse tous les jours de décembre à février
– Departments: 32
- Accommodation in a vacation rental or bed and breakfast
- Recommended rifles: 243, 270, 7×64, 7rm

Tailor-made services

– Guided hunting
– Full board accommodation booking
– Temporary hunting permits request
- Location d’armes
- Complementary insurance

Roedeer winter hunting
in Gascony

Deer hunting is not a summer exclusive. Winter outings are different but just as interesting; they allow you to observe many active animals throughout the day.

De décembre à février l’approche du chevreuil peut se pratiquer tous les jours et il est possible de chasser une grande partie de la journée en fonction du temps. Février est un très bon mois pour approcher les hardes de chevreuils qui passent la journée au milieu des maïs et les semés de blés. Une belle chasse de fin de saison !

The course of the hunt

You will hunt in the company of a professional or local guide, who will take you with his vehicle to the hunting territory. The duration of the outing will be determined according to the weather conditions; it can vary from two outings per day (morning and evening) to the full day. It will be possible to shoot all the deer you encounter with the exception of the velvet brocades.

Cette chasse vous permettra de découvrir nos territoires gersois à un budget vraiment très abordable.

For optimal comfort during your stay, you will be accommodated in a guest room or an independent rural gîte near the hunting areas.

Venison can be included upon request.

Our partner accommodations

A sunny, tranquil afternoon in a charming country house with sun loungers ready for a relaxing day amid lush greenery, perfect for a hunting break in France.

Les Gîtes du Conté
at Lasseube-Propre (Gers)

Located in the commune of Lasseube-Propre, Cécile welcomes you to her gîtes. With room for dozens of people, the entire space is reserved for you, and you can also enjoy a large park and outdoor swimming pool.

Cosy attic room with tropical-themed bedspread, exposed beams and period stone wall, creating a blend of rustic charm and modern comforts for an idyllic hunting break

Amichemin guest house
in Béarn

Miriam welcomes you all year round in a quiet, authentic setting, but with all the comforts of modern, elegant rooms. You can also sample regional dishes between two approaches to the brocades, all in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Chambres d’hôtes 3 épis
Au Président à Mirande

Au cœur du Gers, Jacques Piquemil vous accueille dans ses chambres d’hôtes de charme classées 3 épis. Vous apprécierez l’accueil chaleureux du maître des lieux et bénéficierez d’un cadre verdoyant et reposant