A vigilant red fox in its natural habitat, gazing intently at the camera amidst the wild grasses, captures the essence of nature news.
Majestic mountain cliffs overlook a vast expanse of serene valleys beneath a clear blue sky.
A serene sunset over a mystical sea of clouds, with mountains looming on the horizon and the warm glow of the sun bathing the landscape in gold.
A solitary stag with a modest set of antlers stands alert in a quiet field, with the soft hues of a distant forest serving as a backdrop.
Majestic snow-capped mountains dominate a serene alpine landscape of scattered rocks and evergreen trees, under a bright blue sky with wispy clouds.
Cuckoo from the meadow: a curious deer with budding antlers scans through the lush green grass, blending perfectly into the natural tapestry of the field.

Sud Chasse news
Stalking in open country in the Pyrenees and south-west France

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