A chamois stands on a snowy slope against a backdrop of winter foliage, demonstrating its agility and adaptability to mountainous terrain during a weekend hunt (weekend hunt).
A tranquil sunrise above a sea of clouds, with the sun casting a warm glow over the distant Pyrenees, as a new day dawns.
A lone chamois navigating a snowy and rocky alpine landscape with resilience and grace, emblematic of a 'stalk hunt' in the Pyrenees.
Sunlight spills across a rugged mountain landscape, casting a warm glow and long shadows across the hills.
Two hunters marvel at the panoramic view of snow-capped mountains under a clear blue sky.
Image en gros plan d'un chamois allongé sur un terrain montagneux rocheux entouré d'arbres dénudés, avec une vue panoramique sur une gorge en arrière-plan.

Practical info

- Hunting every day from September 25 to February 28
– Departments: 65, 66, 11
- Accommodation in a vacation rental or bed and breakfast
– Recommended calibers: 270wsm; 6x62f; 243w; 30.06
– Equipement : chaussures de montagne, vêtements légers chauds et respirants, sac à dos, lampe frontale, cagoule, gants, bonnet

Tailor-made services

– Guided hunting
– Full board accommodation booking
– Temporary hunting permits request
- Location d’armes
- Complementary insurance
– Trophies, taxidermy

Pirenean Chamois hunting trip
Stalking the isard in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenean izard, emblematic mountain game, characterizes free and wild nature. Formerly reserved for locals, its hunting, then confidential, has developed recently, and today we find territories which accept hunters from all backgrounds to realize their dream in search of sensations.

Present throughout the range, the Isard has recently colonized new territories, lower in altitude, notably areas previously reserved only for deer and wild boar. The rut takes place from the end of October to the end of November.

Chamois hunting in the mountains

Izard hunting is practiced in several departments, each providing a completely different atmosphere. It is practiced in the foothills but also in the high mountains, where the approaches can be made in the snow. With the arrival of cold and snow, animals group together and look for areas where food is accessible to them, often on rocky and steep south-facing slopes. Depending on the territory hunted, you will probably come across other animals, notably mouflons and deer.

After the rut, we still hunt chamois in high altitude grasslands but also in the beech forest.

Despite the geographical isolation of certain areas, accommodation will be offered to you, so that your stay is as organized as possible. Chamois hunting stays vary from 2 to 4 days and hunting takes place all day long, meals taken from the bag.

You will also be sent a list of essential equipment for this type of hunting before your arrival.

Our partner accommodations

A vibrant summer scene with a slice of tranquility due to a swimming pool, surrounded by slides and colorful chairs, all in a

hotel restaurant
Rose of the Pyrenees

The Hotel Restaurant Rose des Pyrénées is located in Belvaines-et-Cavirac, in the Aude valley, between Toulouse and Perpignan. It offers spacious accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool.

Rustic and cozy room with terracotta tiled floors, beamed ceiling and warm natural light filtering through the window curtains, perfect for a hunting weekend in France.

Laval Relay
in Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes

Some rooms include a relaxing seating area and a flat-screen TV. The rooms include a private bathroom.

Rustic and cozy living room with a cozy fireplace, wooden beams and comfy green armchairs, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxing and planning a hunting weekend.

Gîtes Ancien Presbytery
La Bastide – Pyrénées-Orientales

En Pays catalan au pied du massif mythique du  Canigou, ce gîte confortable vous permettra de passer un bon séjour de chasse