Pyrenean chamois Hunting

The Pyrenean chamois Hunting

in the Pyrenees

The pyrenean chamois…

The Pyrenean chamois, emblematic mountain game characterizes the free and wild nature, which is why its hunting is very popular. Formely reserved for locals, its then confidential hunt, developed recently, and today we find territories that accept hunters from all walks of life to realise their dream in search of sensations.

Present throughout the chain, Pyrenean chamois has recently colonized new territories, lower in altitude, including areas previously reserved for roebuck and will boars only.

Finally, the rut takes place from the end of October to the end of November.

The hunt…

Hunting isard is practiced on several departments or each of them provides a completely different atmosphere. Indeed, it is practiced in the piedmont area but also in high mountains, where approaches can be made in the snow. With the arrival of cold and snow, the animals gather and look for areas where food is accessible, often on rocky and steep slopes facing south. Depending on the territory hunted, you will probably encounter other animals, such as sheep or red stag.

After the rut, the Pyrenean chamois is still hunted in high-altitude lawns but also in the beech forest. Despite the geographical isolation of some areas, accommodation will be offered by us so that your stay is as organized as possible. Pyrenean chamois hunting trip vary form 2 to 4 days and hunting is practiced all day meal from the bag. 

You will also be sent a list of equipment essential to the practice of this type of hunting before your arrival.


Practical guide

– Hunting every day from October 15th to February 28th

– Departments : 66, 11,

– Recommended gauges : 270wsm; 6x62f; 300wsm;7rm

– Equipment : mountain shoes, warm clothes, backpack, headlamps, etc

Hire of firearms

  • Blaser R8 Carbon Success Calibre 30.06 – Zeiss V4 6-24×50

Moderateur Freyr&Devik 269

  • Blaser R8 Professional Success Calibre 30.06 – Zeiss V4 4-16×44

Moderateur Freyr&Devik 196

  • Tikka T3X Hunter Cal 25.06 – Zeiss Conquest 3-12×50