Red Stag Hunting Pyrenees

The Red Stag Hunting

in the Pyrenees 

The Pyrenees…

From mid-September, the slad of the red stag resounds in the forest; giving rise to one of the most beautiful shows of nature! It is always a time of the year apart, the one where the large red stag, until then remained very discreet, come out of the depth of the woods to ensure the reproduction of the species. Red stag hunting in the Pyrenees is practiced from September 25th to October 15th; in addition, the diversity of our territories allows us to hunt in mountain forest as well as in lawns o altitude up to 2000 meters, sometimes more.

Knows its territory…

First the number of red stag to be collected is defined with the person in charge according to the herd in presence. As a general rule; I will be present for guidance  and prepare your stay by carrying out a systematic detection two or three days before by searching for the animals that will be taken.

Finally, you will hunt on beautiful territories where cervid populations are wild and natural. It is in the company of our experienced guides that we propose you to hunt the mythical animal in several open territories.


The quality of the trophies is variable, and I do not guarantee any trophies, even if the hunt will focus on red stags completed with 7th head or more. However, it is good to remember that hunting red stag in the mountains remains an authentic hunt on totally wild and suspicious animals.

On the trophies, the Pyrenean red stag carries 8, 10 and 12 horns rarely 14 horns. Indeed, it is a “mountain” red stag smaller than its congeners off plain. So it’s that kind of trophy that’s reasonable to expect. In any case, the quality of the hunt will always be preferred to the quantity; which is why we only shoot about thirty red stag for season.

The ethics of hunting…

It should be noted that slab hunting is not detrimental to the species provided that it is practised ethically and with respect for these animals. Indeed, it makes it possible to see and identify red stag that we only see at this time. We will always try to know and identify the hunting animal before any harvest; we will always look for the deficient animal, old or atypical. This is the perfect time to observe and approach the animals.

Practical guide

– Hunting every day from September 25th to October 15th

– Departments : 66, 09, 65

– Recommended gauges : 8×68; 300win; 300weatherby;7rm

Accommodation in bed and breakfast or inn

Hire of firearms

  • Blaser R8 Carbon Success Calibre 30.06 – Zeiss V4 6-24×50

Moderateur Freyr&Devik 269

  • Blaser R8 Professional Success Calibre 30.06 – Zeiss V4 4-16×44

Moderateur Freyr&Devik 196