Mouflon Hunting

Mouflon Hunting in

the Pyrenees

The Mouflon…

The Mediterranean Mouflon was reintroduced in France about 50 years ago; and the first individuals from the Cadaraches, Bauges or Chambord Reserve quickly colonised their new habitats throughout the South of France. After years of management success is such that it is now present in many terrorise in the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Massif Central. Although the appearance and expansion of the wolf has reduced its populations in the Alps; its development continues elsewhere.

Mouflon Hunting…

Discovered this hunt in 2005 and hunted this species in many territories. Today, we have two large areas in the Pyrenees mainly with a hunting plan of about 40 animals. Hunting takes place from September 1st to February 28th and depending on the territory. I will guide you on the best dates. One can hunt from 500 meters up to an altitude of 2500 meters where one finds a very beautiful population and good trophies.

Hunting is possible every day, and I advise 3 days on site to optimise the chances of success on this particularly suspicious game.

A hunt full of finesse, beautiful landscapes…

Hunting sheep is one of the most difficult because of the mistrust of these animals and their senses; which allow them to detect human presence from a great distance. This is also why it is one of the most interesting hunts.

It will take all the guide’s knowledge and sense of observation to make a successful approach. Shots can range from 100 to 250 meters or more. It is therefore preferable to carry a tense caliber weapon equipped with a high magnification bezel. Of course, you’ll have to set your weapon in advance for 200 meter shot. But above all, the hunter will be able to evolve on beautiful and wild territories where only the observation of these animals in their environment, will meet his expectations…

Hunting Pyrenean chamois is also possible in these territories.

Practical guide

– Hunting every day from October 15th to February 28th

– Departments : 66, 11,

– Recommended gauges : 270wsm; 6x62f; 300wsm;7rm

– Equipment : mountain shoes, warm clothes, backpack, headlamps, etc

Hire of firearms

  • Blaser R8 Carbon Success Calibre 30.06 – Zeiss V4 6-24×50

Modérateur Freyr&Devik 269

  • Blaser R8 Professional Success Calibre 30.06 – Zeiss V4 4-16×44

Modérateur Freyr&Devik 196

  • Tikka T3X Hunter Cal 25.06 – Zeiss Conquest 3-12×50

Modérateur Stalon XE149