Ibex hunting in Spain

The ibex…

Formerly present on the French side of the Pyrenees; in Andorra, Spain and Portugal, ibex remains today only in Spain and northern Portugal.

The populations of this species occupy very varied habitats, all characterized by the presence of rocky escarpments: from the seaside in Andalusia, at an altitude of less than 200 metres; to the highest mountains of the peninsula at an altitude of more than 3000 metres (Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Gredos).

4 subspecies of Ibex are referenced for the delight of hunters.

Gredos is probably the most representative of the four. It is the darkest and its horns are in the shape of lyre, it lives mainly in the mountains of Gredos about two hours from Madrid.

The Beceite; with horns has a very open appearance and forms an upward curve, in rather scabrous grounds, the hunting due to this animal will offer you unique and exceptional landscapes.

The Ronda; the smallest of the four represents slightly flattened horns that grow vertically.

The Sierra Nevada; with its horns bent backwards it presents an exceptional trophy. located in spectacular rock bars, approaches can be very complex quickly.

The hunt…

We suggest you to hunt the Beceite Ibex in the mountains of Tortosa Beceite in the north-east of Spain on an exclusive territory of 65,000 hectares from 1 November to 31 May. From mid-November to mid-December, the rut makes large animals very active, from where groups of several animals are more easily spotted which will give you the opportunity to choose the desired animal.

It is at the airport of Valencia that a guide will come to pick you up and welcome you to enjoy a grandiose hunting stay. From the representative male to a medal through a female or a young, we give you the possibility to collect one or more animals to best meet your expectations.

We offer a package of two days of hunting and three nights in accommodations as close as possible to our hunting territories in hotel or rural cottages where you can enjoy delicious local meals. The shooting fee of an Ibex up to 204.99 points or about 53 to 65 cm (trophy supplement), license and hunting insurance are also included in the rate as well as all travel and food during your stay.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!!